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Numbers 13:17-30  |  Our key thought in this passage is found in the 30th verse: “Let us go up at once, for we are well able…”. We can break it down this way…

Let us GO UP                             Let us go up AT ONCE
-Overtake                                   -all together, corporately
-Subdue                                      -without hesitation
-Conquer                                     -without hesitation
-Recover all                                  -without drawing back

In order to GO UP AT ONCE, you must be standing on the promises of God. Within His promises is His plan; and God always has a plan. He is very detailed in His plans. If any error happens it’s in our ability to follow the plan and not deviate from it. When we walk out the plan, it is called “the process”. We must be careful not to get lost in the process. We can do this by keeping your eyes on the promise and our focus on His plan.

While in the process, we must  also be careful of our profession. In this passage in Numbers 13, ten of 12 spies professed fear and inability to succeed. The other two, Caleb and Joshua, never changed their profession, and therefore were the only two to receive the promise. The children of Israel were on the brink of victory- they were almost there when they decided to abort God’s plan of promise!

We need to know when we’re on the brink of our breakthrough. It was Joshua and Caleb who knew no matter how the circumstances looked they were already winners because GOD, our invincible Lord is a promise keeper! As a result, out of an entire nation of people on the brink of the promise, only two received the prize.

This is a testament to the reality that you must face; as you GO UP you may lose touch with some old friends. GO UP anyway!

– Preach by Elder Robin Stamps (of Mountain’s Hope Community Worship Center, Tracy CA) AT Philadelphia Ministries and Training Center, Modesto CA)