There’s not a task assigned to you that God does not want you to involve His divine hand in. He is JEHOVAH-JIREH – The Lord your provider. EL-SHADDAI – the all prayersufficient One, and EL-ROI – The Strong One who sees your troubles and gives guidance and comfort.

After having done every natural thing required for him to do well, Eliezer, in his wait time, prayed to God and asked for success!  The Lord hears the prayers of the righteous, and he also takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servants. He wants to see you succeed. Prayer should be a vital part of your preparing to do well. When you pray believing, you acknowledge that the Lord is your Helper and you bring the anointing to succeed that much closer.

 Read: Genesis 24:12-14, Psalm 35:27

  1. What is the focus of your prayer?
  2. What do you really expect from God?
  3. What would the answer to your prayer look like?